Private Talent Advisory

…for family businesses, founders, and family offices around the world.

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We are TWYD

Talent With Your DNA. We’ll connect you to the talent that aligns perfectly with your vision, values and culture.

Talent Advisory

We’ll address your unique family talent needs, including succession planning, leadership development, next-generation support, culture alignment, family governance, and family dynamics.


Talent Acquisition

Our executive search and recruitment support covers the hiring of non-family board members, executive appointments, specialist professionals, and other key roles essential to your enterprise and your family.


Private Office

Our Private Office offers a dedicated Personal Talent Advisor for high and ultra-high-net-worth families, delivering confidential and bespoke talent management solutions to address complex and sensitive needs.

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Our Promise:

We’ll unravel the unique genetic code of your business. We’ll find the talent that’s aligned with your dynamic. We’ll safeguard your privacy, your heritage and your legacy.  Because TWYD is Talent With Your DNA.

Maybe you need us now, or know you will in the future. Whatever your situation, reach out today to begin the conversation.